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David Roth
Recruitment Manager

David is the Recruitment Manager at nexa law

I am a marketing specialist with a passion for making real personal connections. As Recruitment Manager I help to drive nexa’s growth by raising brand awareness and am often the first point of contact for consultant lawyers wishing to join nexa.

What I do
My role at nexa is to help engage with potential consultant lawyers online or on the phone. I work to ensure that lawyers have all the information they need to be able to make an informed decision about joining the business. I am friendly, approachable and always available to talk confidentially about joining nexa law.

I am always active in the great outdoors and I recently became a dinghy owner so you will find me sailing around the Devon coast. If not that, I will be walking across Dartmoor or further afield climbing mountains in my kilt! My young family are yet to join in with sailing, but we are often at comic conventions together.

Telephone: 020 7504 7071 ext 2132